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Out and About: New Era XC Exhibition at Brick Lane

The New Era XC show sees 90 Design School graduates from around Europe, including St Martins in London customising their own New Era caps with the most unique design winning a £10,000 to help towards establishing the career of the designer.

You would think it would be hard to do much with a New Era cap, after all it is just a hat, not such a large canvas but all of the works on display really showed how much can be achieved, with one entry taking the cap literally apart to make a chain, while others added random items to it such as different tights!





The winning entry and bursary winner was Londoner, Chris Read, who told Dazed Digital about the inspiration behind his design. “The mask of masculinity was key in my design, with references to the role of the male in western society. Taking influence from both American and English culture I made reference to class, money, patriotism, D.I.Y, nature, Native Americans and hunting. Looking at the outdoorsman; hunter- gatherer and the boyhood fantasy of adventure, I have attempted to create a cap that is as much about culture as it is about escapism.”

The remaining dates are as follows:

Berlin: 11th -13th November (CircleCulture Gallery, Gipstraße 11, 10119)
Milan: 18th – 21st November (Spazi Originale, Via Savona 55a, 20144)
Barcelona: 25th – 27th November (Angels, C. Dels Angels, 16 08001)
Paris: 2nd – 4th December (Espace Vertbois, 40 rue Vertbois, 75003)

You can see more pictures from the exhibition on the excellent Art Pie blog and more info as it continues on the New Era site.

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