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What if Mick Jagger was James Bond? Or David Bowie was in The Big Lebowski?otting?

Big Lebowski
Would Mick Jagger play a good James Bond? Or David Bowie the perfect foil to the Dude in the Big Lebowski? As farfetched as that sounds illustrator and designer Peter Stults has made that happen by casting them in these films as part of his poster series “What if…” Movies reimagined for another time & place…

Although not the first person to give film a bit of a remix, the choices he has chosen to cast in these film poster remakes gives you pause for thought to wonder just what it would be like if Sean Connery was in The Fifth Element or John Wayne was in fact Superman. Take a look below at some of our favourites and for the full set visit Peter Stults site.

Pulp Fiction
James Bond Mick Jagger

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