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Swoon Murmuration Installation Review and Pictures

Back in December Swoon was in London for her first ever UK show called Murmuration, which was a mind blowing installation held at Black Rat Gallery and succeeded in taking the street art work we’ve been used to seeing in London into a larger gallery environment. Her paste works, often of her friends and family [...]

Jay-Z, Barack Obama and more get a Poly App makeover

The number of apps available on the iPad to bring out your creativity continues to grow and out of this we have seen some interesting work from around the world. Feel Desain blog have used the Poly Ipad App to trace geometrically some famous portraits (including Jay-Z above) with some eye catching results. Check out our [...]

What if Mick Jagger was James Bond? Or David Bowie was in The Big Lebowski?otting?

Would Mick Jagger play a good James Bond? Or David Bowie the perfect foil to the Dude in the Big Lebowski? As farfetched as that sounds illustrator and designer Peter Stults has made that happen by casting them in these films as part of his poster series “What if…” Movies reimagined for another time & [...]

A quick walk around the London Art Fair 2012

Although our coverage of Art leans towards that of Street Art in the majority, every now and then we like to venture a field and see what the more fine and contemporary shows bring. When at some of these shows I’ve often questioned the value behind some work which to me doesn’t seem to be [...]

Chocolate space waffles and disco balls, Invader returns to the UK [PICS]

Back in December we saw the latest invasion by everyone’s favourite retro game loving street artist, Invader. Coming just a few months after his VNA cover feature the streets of London were treated to a few new outside works in Central and South London as well as his Outsiders show. I’ve been a fan of [...]